Piece of Spanish Cake


For conventional reasons and to ease diction, two prepositions are abbreviated: ‘De’ (of, from), and ‘A’ (to, at.) These abbreviations appear only in masculine form, while feminine forms remain unabbreviated.



Abbreviation A

Abbreviation B


Of  the...

To the...

Spanish Masculine

De el DELA el AL

Spanish Feminine

De la

A la

1. It’s the lady’s Es de la señora
2. It’s the hotel’s Es (de el) del hotel
3. I’m going (in Spanish: I go) to the school (Yo) voy a la escuela
4. I’m going (in Spanish: I go) to the movies (Yo) voy (a el) al cine


We believe in providing you with the tools you need to succeed both within our program and in the “real world”. Other systems forego grammar while focusing solely on conversation skills. Instead, we created a grammar learning system that is rooted into relevant conversations and fun exercises and games. Our philosophy is to empower our learners with the tools to understand the logic of the language as well as knowing correct implementation and application. You’ll never find boring drills at Spanish Uno, but we believe in the capabilities of our learners and therefore never compromise on our standards of language education.