Piece of Spanish Cake



In Spanish, the word for ‘and’ is the letter ‘y’ (pronounced ‘ee’ like in ‘reach’). For example, ‘you and I’ Tú y yo. However, when the sound of the letter after this interjection is ‘ee’, we put an e instead of y.


‘Peru and India’ Perú e India.



The word ‘or’ in Spanish is the letter ‘o’ (pronounced like the ‘o’ in ‘short’). For example, ‘He or she’ Él o ella. However, if the sound of the letter after the interjection is also an ‘o’ sound, the interjection becomes an u (pronounced ‘oo’ like in ‘food’).

‘one or another’ Uno u otro.


We believe in providing you with the tools you need to succeed both within our program and in the “real world”. Other systems forego grammar while focusing solely on conversation skills. Instead, we created a grammar learning system that is rooted into relevant conversations and fun exercises and games. Our philosophy is to empower our learners with the tools to understand the logic of the language as well as knowing correct implementation and application. You’ll never find boring drills at Spanish Uno, but we believe in the capabilities of our learners and therefore never compromise on our standards of language education.