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The Interactive Dictionary

The Interactive Dictionary accompanies you throughout the whole studying process, especially when you are practicing at the Gym as well as when you are reading texts in the Library.

Spanish Uno Dictionary

When the Interactive Dictionary is activated, you can place the cursor on a Spanish word and it opens a window with its meaning in English.

If you move the cursor to a different word, the first window disappears and a new window with the meaning of the new word replaces it.

The Interactive Dictionary not only presents the meaning of a word, but also the corresponding grammatical structure, according to your studying needs.

For example, the word Pregunta in Spanish (in English: He asks), is a verb conjugation (Preguntar: To ask), in the Present Simple. Therefore, the Interactive Dictionary presents this word as a link and clicking on it opens the conjugation table of the verb Preguntar in the Present Simple tense.


Spanish Uno Dictionary

We believe that learning a new language should be challenging and fun. That’s why we created SpanishUno as an innovative tool to learn Spanish easily, efficiently and enjoyably! Are you a business professional looking to expand into the Spanish market? Perhaps you are a world traveler planning a trip to one of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries! Maybe you are a parent looking to offer your child academic enrichment and a head-start on developing language skills. No matter what your personal goals are, Spanish Uno was designed with you in mind.