Designed for All Levels

Spanish Uno offers a comprehensive system that is designed for all types of learners, complete with a variety of interactive learning tools to choose from. Beginner level learners can secure a solid foundation by learning verb conjugation, basic vocabulary and proper conversational structure. Intermediate level learners can build on their existing knowledge base and focus on proper pronunciation while advancing towards more detailed conversations. Advanced level learners can immerse themselves into the language through more complex grammatical functions, high-level vocabulary words while benefiting from interactive feedback.

All of our learners come from a wide array of backgrounds. Our product is designed to offer the simplicity that suits the need of a child, paired with the relevancy and seriousness that suits the need of an adult. Instead of focusing on a core topic group, we provide a well-rounded knowledge base. Furthermore, we equip our learners with the tools they need to succeed beyond the confines of the system.

Our testing processes are designed to assess and prove comprehension, not simply memorization. We believe that other programs compromise simply because they don’t give enough credence to the mental capacity of the most learners. We believe that when you expect less from those whom you aim to teach, that you offer less. That’s why, we hold high expectations and offer a top-quality, and enjoyable product. Our results haven’t let us down yet and we’re proud of the excellent feedback we receive!

Below, you will find an example of our beginner, intermediate and advanced classes...



Beginners Level – Classroom


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Intermediate Level – Classroom

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Advanced Level – Classroom

Spanish Uno Library