Preparing You the Right Way

We believe in providing you with the tools you need to succeed both within our program and in the “real world”.  Other systems forego grammar while focusing solely on conversation skills.  Instead, we created a grammar learning system that is rooted into relevant conversations and fun exercises and games. Our philosophy is to empower our learners with the tools to understand the logic of the language as well as knowing correct implementation and application.  You’ll never find boring drills at Spanish Uno, but we believe in the capabilities of our learners and therefore never compromise on our standards of language education.


For example, we feel that learning proper sentence construction and verb conjugation is essential for learning.  Instead of taking shortcuts, we believe in just keep things simple and progressive.  Using Spanish Uno, you will advance quickly, without even noticing how little time has passed!  Most importantly, you will never feel the strain that is associated with dull and repetitive teaching methods.  We aim to teach comprehension and while memorization is involved, our method focuses on the big picture.  That is how we can provide our learners with a well-rounded understanding of the Spanish language!


Below you will find detailed examples of how we incorporate structure and grammar without compromising on fun!


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Spanish Uno Exercise