Study Options

Spanish Uno provides our learners with two different options:

, you can navigate our three studying centers (Classroom, Library, Gym) at your own pace and study the curriculum that applies to you.  Second, you can use Juanita’s Course. 



Spanish Uno's three studying centers:

The classroom

The Classroom contains dozens of Spanish grammar lessons.

Each lesson includes explanations in English, voice files and links to the Gym, where you can practice the topics studied in the lesson.

The classroom contains 2 courses:

a. Grammar course with 48 lessons.

b. Writing emails and letters course with 9 lessons.



Spanish Uno Classroom

The library

The Library contains hundreds of texts classified under different topics.

Among these topics are:

• 78 stories for beginners
• 79 stories for advanced learners
• 142 dialogues
• 44 Recipes
• 208 Slang
• 158 Jokes
• 27 Riddles
• And much more...

All texts are accompanied by the Interactive Dictionary.

Spanish Uno Library


The gym

The Gym contains:

• Hundreds of interactive exercises for all levels
• Hundreds of dialogues for a huge variety of situations
• Vocabulary games accompanied by thousands of flash cards and voice files
• Verb conjugation games for thousands of verbs in 18 tenses
• Numbers games up to 6 digits
• Complete verb conjugation tables for thousands of verbs in all tenses and pronouns



Spanish Uno Gym


Mrs. Juanita's Course


Mrs. Juanita’s Course is a tailored program combining our three study centers: The Classroom, The Library and The Gym.  This course offer dozens of lessons and hundreds of tasks and after each level, Juanita will provide you with a customized report on your individual progress. 

This course is great for beginners or those who are looking to brush up on their Spanish and need a good, all-inclusive refresher course.      





Juanita's Course


Spanish Uno also offers:


-          Our Interactive Dictionary – Instant Translation Functions!   

-         Technical Support available 24/7.

           Online Learning Center for enrichment materials!

-          And much much more!