Tracking Your Personal Growth

We approach language learning from a linear perspective.  Many language learning systems are not geared towards a steady progression and cause learners a lot of unnecessary confusion and aggravation.   Learning a language should be easy and uncomplicated!  That is why our software is simple, clear and easy to navigate.  Our interactive system tracks your progress on easy-to-read charts.  We provide you with constructive feedback every step of the way. This allows you the control to constantly keep track of your own development.  Easy, enjoyable and encouraging, Spanish Uno provides you with the ideal way to learn Spanish today!


We believe that visual guides are helpful to keep up motivation levels and to offer a realistic feedback.  We offer the tools you will need to succeed in speaking Spanish.  As a learner, it is your responsibility to stay on top of the program.  We offer a system that won’t let you fall through the cracks!  If you do decide to take a break in your studies, our personal growth tracker will remind you of where you left off.  This will help you review the proper materials and save time guessing where to start! 


Spanish Uno offer feedback every step of the way.  This allows our learners to not only stay focused, but it encourages them to keep consistent results.  Consistent improvement means consistent learning.  This also works to ensure proper retention of the necessary information.  Many programs focus on simply memorizing and spitting back the correct answer.  Spanish Uno was designed by building upon previous knowledge.  We base our learning system on a spiral-based understanding of language acquisition.  This is a popular teaching technique, also employed in music learning.   Our system continues to reinforce concepts that were studied previously.  This works to gain a tight-knit, strongly reinforced understanding of the words and concepts taught.  It also helps learners who take breaks from the materials, from having to start from scratch each time they return to the programs.


Below you will find examples of our personal growth trackers:




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Spanish Uno Library